IT Helpdesk Services

Our Helpdesk Support Services provide an efficient and cost effective way to provide highly responsive support to your end users and customers.

THK Solutions offers enterprise clients the ability to outsource a critical business function in an efficient and cost effective manner. We’ve found that the vast majority of our customer’s technical problems can be resolved over the phone or via a remote session. Over the years we have continually refined our processes, as well as our proprietary help desk management application, Gravidesk.

What We Offer

Our help desk staff are highly capable engineers with in depth domain knowledge of enterprise systems and infrastructure.
Our help desk services include the ability to escalate, manage vendors,including SLA monitoring, enforcement and reporting.
THK Solution’s processes are aligned with industry best practises & standards, including ITIL.
Working as a partner, THK Solutions operates alongside our client organization’s pre-existing IT structure to coordinate and facilitate responsive support services.
THK Solutions’ Help Desks are currently handling over 9000 issues a month with a first call resolution rate in excess of 35%
Whether you need a dedicated or shared team, on-site or off-site, during business hours or 24×7, on a contract or a project basis, THK Solutions can provide the help desk solution that makes good business sense for you organization.



Why Outsourcing your Organizations IT Helpdesk Makes Good Business Sense?

Managed services are magic. Through remote control tools and automation, solution providers can change the customer tech support relationship from one-to-one equation to a one-to-many and many to many solution. This multiplying effect is what gives managed services companies high and sustained profitability and enables them to do more with less.

Unfortunately not everything can be automated or remotely remediated. Some tasks require human intervention and support – and that requires a help desk, also increasingly called service desk. Help desks, customer support services and call centers are staples of the services industry. Vendors, distributors and solution providers have the service desk in place to resolve customer problems of any size and are a key part of maintaining high customer and end user satisfaction. Help desks are essential components to a services business because they give customers another way of notifying providers of problems, remediating issues and providing end-user assistance.  To meet that increasing demand for human interaction, many solution providers are turning to outsourced service desk partners. Here’s why:

The cost of building and maintaining help desks is expensive and is only increasing with the growing complexity of technologies supported by managed services and the expectations of subscribing end users. As more devices and applications become part of the managed services and cloud computing fabric, more human expertise is required to provide help desk support. For many smaller solution providers, the cost is simply prohibitive.
An outsourced help desk provider offers greater staffing expertise across a wide variety of platforms and technologies, and hours of operations at a substantially lower cost – all by leveraging economies of scale. Just as organization’s provide their customers with lower, more palatable costs structures for managing IT infrastructure, outsourced service desk providers can extend a high level of support, human availability and expertise bundling and spreading the operating costs across a large number of solution providers. The savings and advantages are tremendous; solution providers not only defer  the cost of building a help desk,  but also gain access to a number of technology skill sets that would otherwise be beyond their reach. This only enhances their value in the eyes of their customers.