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IT Field Support

Your organization has made significant investments in technology. To maximize your investment means ensuring your networks, PCs, servers, peripherals simply work. Our field services provide your organization highly professional, responsive & comprehensive support at a fraction of the cost whilst minimizing operational disruption.

THK Solutions provides Technical Support services for organizations who want to take advantage of comprehensive technology infrastructure maintenance outsourcing. Clients who adopt this service can rely upon our highly experienced, professional Technical Support teams to maintain their geographically and platform distributed hardware and technology environments.
THK Solutions’ Technical Support services provides your organization with comprehensive Help Desk and on-site support for your PCs, peripherals and networks using highly trained assoicates, whose goal is to ensure that your business returns to normal operations with minimal delay when technology problems occur.

Currently providing services to over 1200 locations across Pakistan and the region, the Field Services team is ready to cater to the demanding technology support needs of enterprises of any size.
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What We Offer

When it makes sense to outsource technology provision, in line with your operating model, finances and user requirements, our service management framework covers virtually all requirements.

[accordions] [accordion title=”Plan”]We can help you understand your current set-up, requirements and service management options open to you. Activities can include outsourcing feasibility, business case justification, “multisource or insource?” guidance, strategic consulting, infrastructure audit and assessment, and Business Continuity consulting.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Infrastructure”]Huge opportunities exist for you to improve IT services while reducing costs. Our services include infrastructure optimisation, hosting, Cloud, virtualisation, virtualised desktop infrastructure (VDI), managed IT lifecycle, desktop lifecycle and more.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Manage”]We deliver measurable ongoing benefits through managed IT services, cost per seat desktop, network management and monitoring, break/fix maintenance, IT Service Desk, software support, Business Continuity Management (BCM), IT procurement and product supply.[/accordion] [/accordions] [/column] [/row] [row] [column]

What can Outsourced Service Management do for you?

We offer a wide range of service management capabilities: from fully managed multisourced packages to standalone services that cover key areas outside in-house skills sets and core competencies.

Our goal throughout is to help you control and reduce total cost of ownership, actively improve IT services, increase productivity and reduce downtime at the same or lower predictable cost – helping you improve IT and business performance.

Creating the right Plan is key. For example, outsourcing feasibility by our business and IT experts will help you to determine if outsourcing is the right way, or would you benefit more from multisourcing or insourcing? We can help you weigh the facts and make more informed decisions.

When it comes to specifics, we are also the Infrastructure experts, covering everything from infrastructure optimisation activity with measurable outcomes through hosting, Cloud and virtualisation to fully managed approaches that protect and optimise your IT assets throughout their lifecycle. We can, if required, host and support your entire IT estate in a secure data centre.

We are also experts in how to Manage your requirements in smarter lower cost ways: from highly responsive and even pre-emptive break/ fix, network support and IT Service Desks through managed cost per seat desktop to disaster recovery and business continuity. We can also use our industry know-how and buying muscle to procure IT and supply products in smarter ways.
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Our Areas of Expertise

  • Managed IT Services Outsourcing
  • Network Management & Monitoring
  • Break / Fix Maintenance
  • IT Service Desk Support
  • IT Continuity
  • Business Continuity Management
  • IT Procurement & Supply

Select IT Service Management Clients

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