Don’t just find the right tools for the job, find the best.

THK Solutions has a mature and established portfolio of products. Products such as our leading edge ITSM application, Gravidesk and the MediaPRO ERP applications have been developed in-house, over many years in concert with our many clients. These products reflect years of development and baked-in domain expertise from the industry’s best.

Our portfolio also includes the best of breed products from around the world; these products reflect our innate understanding of the need’s of our clients. This carefully curated selection of products are backed by our world-class support and implementation experience. Ff you are looking for a solution to the common issues of business; look no further.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we support and implement a wide breadth of Microsoft desktop, server and infrastructure products, however, we specialize in the implementation, deployment and support of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM), Microsoft Business Intelligence, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync.

THK Solutions is also proud partners of organizations delivering application solutions that are deployed over the Microsoft Platform, these organizations include: Lanteria (USA), CrowCanyon (USA), BPA Solutions (Sweden), Nintex (USA) and Devicelock (Ukraine).

What our clients say…

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Mudassir Farooq

ICI Pakistan

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Syed Mujeeb Ahmed

Head of IT, UBL