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The World’s Best Sharepoint Human Resource Management Solution

Lanteria EffectiveStaff is a SharePoint HR solution for Human Resources and Talent Management. It facilitates and automates the entire HR management cycle in a company. EffectiveStaff organizes a central storage of all HR information, guides and supports various HRM processes and increases the performance of each employee and organization as a whole.

The EffectiveStaff SharePoint Human Resources system delivered by THK Solutions will help you to achieve your goals with an easy and smooth implementation process. It is a great decision to use your SharePoint for HR. EffectiveStaff SharePoint based HR system is a totally automated and easy to use one!

The distinctive feature of EffectiveStaff is establishing a collaborative environment for The HR department, line managers and employees in a company. EffectiveStaff has the unique features for all the company members that help them to work as a solid team, increase performance and efficiently achieve the company’s goals.

EffectiveStaff human resources management system can be used with both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 facilitated by a special SharePoint based HR portal!.

Imagine a SharePoint based HR system that is a collaborative HR solution in your company with a central storage of all HR data and processes, entry points for managers and employees, flexible workflows, email notifications and SharePoint HR templates.

Imagine a complete system for HRM, Compensations, Recruiting, Performance, Competence and Learning Management and Leave Management system for all the employees and locations, providing the HR specialists with the total control and full analytical reporting.

Imagine your organization having the high-performing employees with the full vision of their individual objectives totally aligned with the departments and company goals, and performance indicators.

The EffectiveStaff SharePoint HR system delivered by THK Solutions will help you to achieve this target with an easy and smooth implementation process.
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About Lanteria

Lanteria is the world’s leader in developing HR, Talent, Performance and Learning management software for SharePoint.

Lanteria was founded in 2006. During this time they have successfully completed a great number of projects for local and international clients.

Lanteria team includes experienced HR and IT professionals. That allows integrating in our products the extensive experience in HRM area with the latest cutting-edge Microsoft technologies.

In 2007 the company management has made a strategic decision to focus on SharePoint products and services, based on powerful features, growing customer interest to this technology and its perspective.

At the moment, after successful completion of a number of projects, Lanteria team has a wide experience in SharePoint and arguably the best SharePoint HR solution in the world.
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The Solution

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Functional Areas

EffectiveStaff is the only SharePoint based Human Resources solution
that includes all the features for the entire Human Capital Management:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Employee Database with enhanced details
  • HR Records and Processes
  • Absence and Leave Management System
  • SharePoint based HR templates
  • Performance Management
  • Competence and Skills Management
  • Learning and Development
  • E-Learning
  • Recruitment and Applicant Management
  • Compensations and Benefits
  • Career, Talent and Succession
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Technical Requirements

EffectiveStaff is a highly flexible human resource management system that is available in a variety of editions based upon requirements (assessment, recruitment, compensation etc..). Regardless of usage requirement, all editions of EffectiveStaff simply require the following:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation, Standard or Enterprise
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express, Standard or Enterprise (required for Sharepoint)

Who is using EffectiveStaff?

EffectiveStaff is used by a very large number of organizations worldwide who require a robust human resource management system whilst leveraging their new or existing Sharepoint investments. Organization’s using EffectiveStaff include:
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More Information

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Click here to watch a screencast of EffectiveStaff features (YouTube)

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Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation on EffectiveStaff (PPT)

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Click here to download the EffectiveStaff Brochure (PDF)

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