Our Promises

At THK Solutions we make six explicit promises to each and every one of our clients. These promises form our unwavering commitment to you and your organization and are the basic tenets of our methodology. This is how we think; this is how we work; these are our guarantees. We take them seriously. These are our six promises.


We will listen hard, and work even harder.

We believe in a collaborative business experience. That mean’s you don’t suffer the typical client-consultant relationship; we believe that any successful project or intiative is the fruit of a functioning partnership. At the heart of this partnership is communication; its your business, you know it best and you know your goals. By listening, your goals become ours and together we can achieve the success that you desire.

We will get things right, the first time.

Never again will you be caught in the consulting revolving door, no more failed intiatives, half-hearted efforts and a constant stream of new faces everytime your intiative hits a bump in the road. We believe in careful planning, strategy formulation and understanding your core needs from the get-go, not months into your project. This means we get things done right, the first time. Sleep easier, we know what we are doing.

We believe your success is our success.

When your customers smile, we smile. When you succeed in your business, that means we have succeeded. Every decision we take, is taken as if we were in your shoes and nothing less. Like a great suit, this means our solutions are expertly tailored and feel like a natural extension of your organization.

We will always be within reach.

Ever suffered the mysterious-consultant-dissappearance syndrome? Never again. No more unplanned vacations, mysterious sicknesses, unreturned phone calls or long delays. We understand how critical our projects are to your business and we treat them with the same sense of urgency. We will never be more than a phone call or an email away.

We will work in your best interests.

Sure, we have shareholders, partners and our own interests, but when we work for you, we really do work for you. That means that our decisions will never be influenced by our partnership agreements, our shareholders or any other external interests. We will always do what is in your best interest, even if it isnt in ours.

We will always tell it like it is.

We aren’t in the candy business so we don’t sugar coat things. That means when things appear ugly, we’ll call them ugly and when they look great we’ll call them great. Straight-shooting honesty; we live by it.